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Tunnel Pathways & Flight Progression


Are you new to tunnel flying? This page is for you!

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Indoor skydiving

Pathways to the Sport of Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is a unique sporting activity and a valuable training environment for flyers to upskill for both indoor and outdoor skydiving.

Whether you are a novice tunnel flyer, an AFF student or experienced skydiver, we have a range of programs to support you. We've put together a step-by-step guide to help you through your journey so that you can progress as safely as possible and to explore the sport of indoor skydiving. Think of this page as your one-stop-shop for all indoor flight skill related information, which you can come back to as you progress!

What are you waiting for? Continue scrolling to find out everything you need to know about the tunnel flying community and your best steps forward, or just get in touch!

Step 1

Step 1 - Progression Packages

It's all in the name! Our progression packages are the ultimate way to kick start your flying journey. These packages include highly intensive coaching, with the focus altered to suit your flying goals. We also have progression packages catered specific for skydiving AFF and B-Rel students.

Read full descriptions:
AFF Progression package
B-Rel Progression package


Step 2

Step 2 - Join Flight Club

Sign up and get 15 minutes of flight time included in your membership. Flight Club members receive benefits including exclusive member discounts, invitations to free flying events, 5-minute New Year's reward, and the big one - gain access to reduced per-minute prices as you progress through the membership tiers. You'd be crazy not to join!

On your member account, you will also be able to track your:

  • Past and upcoming bookings
  • Membership status
  • Credits and free minutes

Find out MORE INFO about Flight Club or join using the buttons below.



Step 3

Step 3 - Fly Block Time

Block time refers to buying flight time 'per minute' rather than as a select iFLY package. For Flight Club members, your block time tunnel rate will get cheaper the more you fly. Or, you can get access to the same great rates as Flight Club by buying our Bulk Packages! 


GC and Syd bulk rates

Both iFLY Sydney and iFLY Gold Coast also offer camp packages where you will fly at least an hour per day for a few days straight. Click below to learn more!



Step 4

Step 4 - Follow the Channels

Keep up to date! Our main tools for communication and updates are via emails and on our social media pages. Our Facebook groups are also a great way to follow the sport and get to know other flyers.

Want to join our Sports-flyer updates mailing list? Send us an email at info@ifly.com.au, or chat to our customer service team next time you're in.

Step 5


Step 5 - Meet Others

Flying with others is the cheapest (and subjectively most fun) way to fly. For example, fly with 4 others and pay just 1/4 of the price! The best way to meet other flyers is by attending events! We frequently hold events of all flying disciplines, so there is something for everyone! 

Huckjams: A word you may hear us throw around is the term huckjam. A huckjam is a type of event all about sharing time with others and flying in a fun, casual gathering. You don't need a bunch of tunnel experience to attend, you just need to be signed off to fly with others.

Step 6
Step 6 - Fly Unlimited

iFLY Sydney and iFLY Gold Coast are home of the FLY UNLIMITED package - the cheapest tunnel time in the world!*

It's where you fly a heap of time and it's cheap as chips! At iFLY Sydney and iFLY Gold Coast, we have seen record amounts of flying flown including 12 hours over just 5 days! Grab yours here:


*Terms & conditions apply.



We know you're keen to get your coaching and flying booked. Here is the fastest way to contact us when you want to connect with our team.

Email support tickets:
Our email support is the fastest way to contact us when you need a quick response.

iFLY Downunder: info.pen@ifly.com.au
iFLY Gold Coast: info.gc@ifly.com.au
Flight Club: flightclub@ifly.com.au

Phone calls:
We have dedicated Sport Flyer phone lines.

iFLY Downunder: (02) 47445184
iFLY Gold Coast: (07) 5638 1184

This should be all of the information you need to get started, but if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out or have a chat with our friendly flight crew next time you're in.

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Send us an enquiry below and we'll get back to you ASAP


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