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Indoor Skydiving STEM Learning and Sports Programs


iFLY Field Trip

Send your students on the field trip of a lifetime.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving offers both a STEM based education program, and a Sports program that can be enjoyed as a one-off activity, a full 10 week term program or during the holidays.

Both our STEM and Sports program can be tailored to the needs of your students, even if there is a mix of ages and abilities.

Our programs have been enjoyed by both primary and high school groups, OOSH/OHSC, vacation care and homeschool groups.
We have also tailored our programs to be enjoyed by scouts and cadets groups too!

It's so much more than a lesson, it's an enriching day of fun, learning and flying that they'll remember for years to come.



Higher learning with an exhilarating experience.

Your students will get fired up about the maths and physics behind indoor skydiving when they see it come to life in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel.

Our STEM program inspires and educates students through an immersive educational program where they first learn about the science and technology that will let them defy gravity by flying.

The iFLY STEM curriculum, which was designed by teachers and leading STEM professionals, aligns with Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core K-12, and TEKS. Our highly trained STEM educators guide students through an immersive, hands-on experience that consists of:

  • An interactive presentation on real-world STEM applications.
  • Physics demonstrations in the wind tunnel.
  • Creative experiments.


iFLY STEM Experience

Now it's time to fly!

Flying is the final part of the iFLY STEM curriculum, and this student experience is what makes it stand out from any other field trip. This flying experience includes:

  • Classroom instruction and training
  • Gearing up in an iFLY flight suit
  • One-on-one flying with an iFLY flight instructor

Our certified, highly-trained instructors provide one-on-one supervision every step of the way.


Flying as an alternative inclusive and accessible sport for all.

Indoor skydiving offers a range of disciplines for students to enjoy, from solo freestyle to team events.

Indoor skydiving can be enjoyed as a once in a lifetime experience, or taken up as a regular sport or activity.

Flying is an inclusive and accessible sport for anyone over the age of 3. It is a non-load baring, non-impact activity where students who may not be drawn to traditional sports can find fulfilment.

We can tailor a package to meet any budget, whether it's a one-off excursion or a program to cover a full term or holiday period.


All Abilities at iFLY Downunder & iFLY Gold Coast

Plan your next trip.

A mimimum of 10 students is required. A teacher can fly for free with each group of 10. Additional teachers are welcome to join for the same prices. 


  • Double Flight: $59pp without education lesson
  • Double Flight including lesson: $69pp

Gold Coast

  • Double Flight: $49pp without education lesson
  • Double Flight including lesson: $59pp

+$10pp to fly in Gold Coast peak times (weekends and school holidays)

For a group of up to 16 allow 2.5 hours for the flight + lesson from arrival time to leaving and an additional 30 mins per each group of 1-16 after that.


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